Host Your Own Escape Room Game by Talking Tables


Japanese Themed Escape Room Game Kit by Talking Tables. Trapped inside a cinema in the heart of Tokyo, you must use lateral thinking to work your way out before one hour is up. Solve the sequence of riddles, clues and conundrums to crack codes and escape the room before time runs out. With a fun interactive ending using your smart phone or tablet!

Also playable via video call or Zoom by mailing the components in advance, sharing clues on screen or adapting the usual game play.

2+ players and recommended from ages 16+.

Contents includes: An Instruction booklet, 1 x Clue File, 40x Notepad Sheets, 8x Game Play Clues, 9x Japanese Themed Props, 4x Origami Paper, 1x Lantern, 1x Interactive Ending, 1x Photobooth Frame.

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