Welcome to Los Angeles Sour Gummy Bears Mix by California Gummy Bears

$5.48 $10.95

A wonderful blend of tangy, sweet and fruity California Gummy Bears.

Welcome to Los Angeles contains 4 different Organic real fruit gummy bear flavors in every tube!

SOUR STRAWBERRY - Fruity, Sweet & Juicy

SOUR PINEAPPLE - Tropical, Bright & Vibrant

SOUR APPLE - Crisp, Sharp & Floral

SOUR WATERMELON - Juicy,Mouthwatering & Refreshing

Enjoy your favorite sour organic candies all mixed together in one tube and feel proud about your smart snacking.

- Made with all organic ingredients

- Vegan & Plant-based

- They're free of artificial colors and preservatives

- Fully sustainable & Bio-degradable packaging

You will always be left with a big “grizzly” smile!

4 oz, 2.5” X 2.5” X 4.5"

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