Infinite Love Rose Crystal Bath Bomb by Self Goddess


The Infinite Love Crystal Bath Bomb was inspired to create a space of immense unconditional love to support you in your self-love journey.

Its heavenly aromas of roses nourishes the soul, as it nourishes the body into a deep state of unconditional love. Roses are packed with tons of health benefits too, like rejuvenating and hydrating your skin. It contains anti-aging properties. It's also great with uplifting your mood and releasing stress.

The Infinite Love Rose Crystal Bath Bomb is infused with rose quartz crystal, which is the stone of love. Amplifying the effects of this love filled bath bomb! Throw in the Infinite Love bath bomb and envision the bomb infusing the bath with loving energies.

Imagine your bath illuminated with light as you envision the pink waters as loving energies. Step in to the womb of unconditional love, healing you and loving you at your deepest core. You are loved. You are worthy. You are a powerful beacon of light.

7oz | Circumference: 9"

Made in United States of America

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