Gimme Gimme S’More Ooey Marshmallow Goodness by XO Marshmallow


A s'more in a pint! Layers of chocolate ganache, crushed graham crackers, and a dash of campfire will make this a pint you'll want to do everything with - except sharing!

This Ooey Marshmallow Goodness is a gourmet version of marshmallow creme -- a sticky, sweet spreadable marshmallow treat that is perfect for dips, dunks, and desserts of all kind.

We love to keep our pints in the fridge or freezer (fluff ice cream anyone?) but you can keep them at room temp too!

Ingredients: Pure cane sugar, cream of tartar, pasteurized egg whites, non-high fructose corn syrup, kosher salt, our crushed gluten free homemade graham crackers, homemade chocolate ganache

Allergies: Gluten Free. Tree Nut Free.

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