Looking to purchase Chez Gagné merch to add to your kick ass shop? Stupendous. We can't wait to work with you!

Request that we activate your wholesale account by filling out the form and then email us your business name, tax ID and resale tax certificate number and we'll review your application.

    After your application has been approved, every order you place must meet the following criteria to activate your wholesale discount, which you'll be able to see live pricing for as you shop ChezGagne.com:

    • you must be signed in to your account to place an order
    • you must order in correct MOQ

    We guarantee outstanding quality and fantastic designs with filthy words on them (heartfelt words, though ❤︎).


    The Fine Print! 

    $150 for first orders and $90 for reorders. There is a $5 service charge for orders below minimums. Products must be ordered in standard quantities

    Cards & Wine Tags – 6 per style
    Mugs – 12 (mix and match)
    Paper Clips – 6
    Washi Tape & Straws – 4 per style
    Stirrers - 3 per style 

    Prices are listed as wholesale and are subject to change without notice.
    All prices are in US dollars and do not include freight. 

    Most domestic orders ship via USPS Priority Mail unless other arrangements have been made (i.e., Customer FedEx or UPS account number supplied). Paid ASAP orders are shipped within 2 to 5 working days of their receipt or in-stock products from Los Angeles, CA. Invoices are sent via email at the time of shipment. Shipping costs are charged at the time of shipment and will be included on your final invoice. International orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

    Payment terms
    Initial order payment must be made with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover) or bank transfer and is required prior to shipping. All orders are charged at the time of shipment. Net30 terms may be extended with excellent credit history and references. No orders for accounts carrying a balance due will be shipped until outstanding payment has been made. Past-due balances are subject to 1.5% per month. Returned checks are assessed a $25 service charge.

    Orders canceled after shipment are subject to freight fees.

    Returns and Exchanges
    Only defective items may be exchanged for product or credit and must be reported within 5 days of receipt. Refused packages will be charged full shipping, handling and any other charges incurred. We do not accept returns or unsold seasonal merchandise.

    Outstanding invoices may accrue finance, collection, court and/or attorney’s fees. Legal actions may be brought in California courts using California laws to effect collection of past-due balances. Accounts turned over to collection are subject to a $75 reinstatement fee. 

    Display + Packaging
    All Chez Gagné products must be displayed and sold in their original packaging. Boxed sets and wine & spirit tags may not be broken up and sold as individual pieces. If you are selling Chez Gagné products online, credit must be given to Chez Gagné in the product description. Retailers may not sell our products on third party online platforms (i.e., Ebay, Amazon, Etsy) without obtaining prior permission from Chez Gagné.

    Any damage or shortage claims must be received no later than 10 days from receipt of order. Notice of loss or damage must be given to the carrier immediately. All packing materials and receiving paperwork should be retained for carrier inspection.

    Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
    Placement of order will confirm acceptance of the above terms and conditions.

    All work is Chez Gagné © 2014-2018.Work may not be reproduced, altered or used without written permission from the artist. All rights reserved.